Commitment To Sustainability

In an effort to further increase the environmentally sustainable nature of the building, 750 Collins is continually working to further reduce water and energy consumption.

Efficiency Improvements

The BMS provides consistent and improved energy efficiency monitoring, resulting in reductions in energy usage and costs, and an improved NABERS rating.

Lighting Sensors Saving Energy

By installing PIR (passive infrared sensor) lighting on all levels of the car park, the lighting is now activated on a motion basis which has led to further positive benefits – energy savings, reduced energy costs and improved NABERS rating.

Supporting Business Goals

This commitment to sustainability gives businesses within the building the ideal foundation to reach their own environmental and social responsibility goals.

Waste Management System

750 Collins Street maintains waste management and recycling facilities and encourages all customers to minimise their waste creation.

5 Star - NABERS Energy Rating

With its 5 Star NABERS Energy rating (6 Stars with GreenPower assist), 750 Collins Street has proven to be an environmentally sustainable building.
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4.5 Stars - NABERS Water Rating

Maintaining a commitment to sustainable management of resources, 750 Collins Street earned a 4.5 Star NABERS Water rating.
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